Zombie Pigman

Vital statistics
Type Hostile
Health 20 (Heart x 10)
Armor Points 2 (9px-Armor.svg)
Attack Strength 9 (HeartHeartHeartHeart 1/2)
Spawn Nether Spire, a structure made by the Nether Reactor
Drops Feathers 0-1 Gold Ingots 0-1, Potatoes 0-1 (rarely), Carrots 0-1 (rarely)

Zombie Pigmen are hostile mobs which were implemented in 0.5.0.


They spawn exclusively from the Nether Reactor. About 6 or 7 of them spawn before the reactor is finished, and they come in waves of 2 or 3. Unlike the PC and console versions, zombie pigmen are hostile towards the player. Zombie Pigmen wield Gold Swords and can deal about 2 1/2 hearts of damage per hit. They are slightly faster than the other hostile mobs. Despite having gold swords, which aren't the most powerful type of sword, their attack power is both from zombie power and their swords.


Fighting Zombie Pigmen is rather simple. Once spawned, they will stand still for a few seconds. If they notice the player, they will then attack them. If not, they will circle t
he Reactor until they do. They are fast, they cannot be fire-damaged, and they have more health than Zombies and Skeletons, meaning it is best you have a sword before fighting them. Armor would be wise to wear as well.


  • Zombie Pigmen drop Gold Ingots and Feathers, unlike other versions of Minecraft, in which Zombie Pigmen drop Gold Nuggets and Rotten Flesh. This is what the developers intended.
  • The Zombie Pigmen's face in Pocket Edition is completly green and white and is missing the hat layer, unlike other versions, in which they are pink and green and have the hat layer but this will change as the hat layer is going to be added at version 0.11.0
  • Zombie Pigmen are always hostile to you like normal zombies, unlike other versions in which they only become hostile when attacked.
  • On the occasion, Zombie Pigmen drop carrots and potatoes.
  • They do not take damage from burning


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