Vital statistics
Type Hostile
Health 20 (Heart x 10)
Attack Strength 3 (Heart)
Spawn Any light level under 7 on a solid surface
Drops Feathers 0-1, Potatoes 0-1 (rarely), Carrots 0-1 (rarely)

Zombies are the first hostile mobs implemented into Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are a mob that usually spawn in a group of six. Zombies are the most common hostile mob in Minecraft.


Zombies spawn on solid blocks in groups of six and will wander around aimlessly when spawned until it sees a potential target within 16 blocks of its range; The Player or a villager. They will attack with their outstretched arms, inflicting damage when they touch their target. When in direct contact with sunlight, they will catch fire until they die.


Zombies are easy to kill alone, because they attack on close range, but they can be dangerous in large groups. The most efficient method is to kill them with a sword, preferably stone or above or shoot them with a bow. Luring them into sunlight can be useful. Zombies will try to maneuver traps you make due to their upgraded AI.


  • After fire was removed in  0.3.0 they emitted smoke and received damage until they died. Since fire was added back, however, both Skeletons and Zombies burn in daylight.
  • Zombies have the same clothing as the player.
  • In the Lite version, zombies are the only hostile mob to date.