A Villager

Vital statistics
Type Passive
Health 999999999
Attack Strength 999999999 attack thay are so MLG
Spawn Any Village

A Villager (scientific name: Meretrix Nasum) is a passive mob that looks closely like a human.


Villagers only spawn naturally in Villages. They can also be spawned with spawn eggs in creative mode. They will never despawn even if the player wanders away from them, but they do leave the village if not enclosed unlike the PC version.


Villagers will spawn outside or inside their specific house, depending on what occupation they have. Unlike the computer version of the game, they cannot trade due to their decreased AI. They will run from any hostile mob except angry wolves. They make a nasal sighing sound when hurt or just idling. Actualy they can no scope your dog and can kill zombies villagers are so BADASS


  • They don't have any. All they do is walk around and MLG noscope peoplestaring at other villagers which always ends up getting themselves killed by the Zombies.
    • Villagers Can MLG noscope you if you atack them whatch out!


  • Villagers have degraded mob AI, which means no trading.
  • Villagers will occasionally be accompanied by smaller versions of themselves. These "baby villagers" run very fast, and their vocal sounds are more high pitched.
  • Villagers have decreased health as of 0.9.5
  • Baby Villagers are able to escape through one-block heights very easily.