Savanna vilage


Generated Structure


Plains, desert, savanna

First Appearance

Alpha 0.9.0

Villages are naturally generated structures. They are the only place where villagers naturally spawn and can be tough to find.


Villages spawn in the following biomes:

  • Plains (wood and cobblestone village)
  • Forest (wood and cobblestone village)
  • Savannah (wood and cobblestone village)
  • Desert (Sandstone village)


A village can have a variety of different buildings, but here are some following types:

The small huts. They have a 5 x 5 design built from Cobblestone, Wood and Wooden Planks. Some huts will occasionally have glass panes acting as windows and can come with ladders inside leading up to the roof. In addition, there is the large houses. They have nothing inside them, except a couple of villagers. 

Next, the church. It is easily recongnizable due to the fact that it is almost entirely made of cobblestone. It looks like a small castle with a turret at the top.

Then, the library. It can be recongnized by the bookshelves inside it, along with a crafting table.  It is the second most tallest village building.  It has tables made from a fence and brown carpet.

Also, the butcher's place. It can look like a regualr large house, but it has a fenced off yard at the back door. It also includes a stone slab table.

Finally, the blacksmith's workshop. It is the only building that can store loot inside and can hold rare items like diamonds and emeralds, or even armor. This building is particulary useful if scarce in important items. But be careful, the building can be set on fire because of the lava's proximity to wood (unless it is made of sandstone)