The Player

Vital statistics
Type The Player
Health 20 (10 x Heart)
Attack Strength Half a heart
Drops Whatever the player has in its Inventory

The Player is, as the name shows, the person who is playing the game.


The Player is about 2 blocks tall, has a light/dark skin tone, along with eyes with indigo pupils. He has fair dark brown hair resting on his head. He wears a light turquoise T-shirt and blue pants, below them are grey shoes. The older version had a beard, but it was later removed. In 0.11.0 the female skin "Alex" will be introduced.

Personality and Abilities

As expected from a generic player character, the player character's personality is entirely up to the player controlling them. For example, they can have a kind personality and can work with other players to survive, or act ruthless and kill other players for their items, at the cost of likely being known as dangerous and possibly being hunted down. The player seems to be very strong, as they are able to destroy a number of blocks with their bare hands, as well as carry enormous loads of blocks.


  • You can change the name in the options menu.
  • The Steve Skin is the default skin in every version of Minecraft.
  • The Steve Skin is the first skin available in all versions of Minecraft.
  • Changing skins will be available in 0.11.0