Survival is a gamemode in which players must collect resources, build structures, craft tools, battle mobs and explore the terrain in an effort to survive.

Unlike creative, Survival does not give players an already filled inventory, forcing them to gather resources for themselves. Items gathered can be used to craft items, also known as crafting. However, many items must be crafted using a crafting table.

A typical game in survival:

  1. The player spawns in the overworld.
  2. The player punches a tree to gain wood.
  3. He or she searches the landscape to collect specific items in order to survive their first night.
    1. The player then crafts vital items like a crafting table.
  4. The player builds a shelter with a bed, chests with spare items and a furnace.
  5. The player either finds a cave, canyon, etc. or digs their own passage to deep underground, in search of various minerals.
  6. The player finds and smelts iron ore into iron ingots and uses it for tools, and armor.
  7. The player delves deeper to collect other ores, culminating in diamonds.
  8. Using a diamond pickaxe, the player mines some obsidian.
  9. Using diamond, iron and gold blocks, the player builds the Nether Reactor and battles zombie pigmen. The player collects loot.
  10. The Player then goes to build whatever the latter wishes.