MineCraft is a pc game that can be played on PlayStation, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, xbox, mac, hp, or any windows computers. when you play on survival you'll instantly be dropped in a random place in a world map. you'll have to fight on your own unless of course you hook up with someone else. if you're going to be playing with someone else you either need to be friends on xbox, which doesn't require having an actual xbox just get the app and make an account on your phone. you need to be friends on the xbox app or the live playstation game system. unless you're in the same room as someone than the natural bluetooth should pick up someone else's game going. survival is for people who know how to fend for themselves and survive. pretend you're actually out in the wild. you'll need to kill animals, get wood, make weapons, and most of all, fight monsters. you can go mining if you find a cave. you collect cobblestone which is shown as just a solid gray block. mine than and use the wood you have to make a crafting table. drag the cobblestone in the crafting table to make a furnace. when you go mining it's smarter to find coal than to burn extra wood you have to cook your food you gather from animals. it's always best to kill sheep not only for mutton but for their wool. if you get three wool and three wood, you can use your crafting table to make a bed to skip the night. the night is when all mobs, short for monsters including creepers that blow up if you get too close (KEEP AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE), zombies that will break down your house door unless you have a iron door made from iron you get when you mine, skeletons that shoot bows at you, and spiders. husks are very similar to zombies but in daylight zombies will burn if they arn't in water, husks dont die unless YOU kill them. if you are playing on a tablet, or mobil device, there's a good chance that you won't have to click and drag items into your crafting table, the game will just naturally show you what you can make from them. minecraft is a game for the creative mind, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or i forgot something, feel free to contact me. ill will post as much as possible.