A Dungeon


Generated Structure


Plains, desert, savanna, swamp

First Appearance

Alpha 0.9.0

Dungeons are naturally generated underground structures.


Dungeons are small rooms made of cobblestone and moss stone and contain a monster spawner and up to 2 chests. Finding a dungeon without a chest is very unlikely, but possible. Occasionally, a dungeon will spawn with its chests in such a way as to create a double chest. Dungeons generate with either a zombie (50% chance), skeleton (25% chance), or spider (25% chance) spawner. The spawner is always in the center of the dungeon room, with chests located around the walls of the room (large chests can connect with the short side against the wall) Each block of the floor has a 25% chance of being cobblestone, and a 75% chance of being moss stone.


It is possible to find the following lot in a dungeon:


  • Sometimes, dungeons will not contain chests at all.
  • Very rarely, one dungeon may intersect the other, forming a double dungeon. Even more rarely, three dungeons will intersect. The chance of such is lower than 5%.