The current crafting interface of a crafting table.

Crafting is a method to obtaining a large variety of the items and blocks in-game. It was added in Alpha 0.3.0.

To do so, players must have the number of required items to make a certain material. The game uses MATTIS (Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System). Although it displays the 2×2 and 3×3 grids, the items already appear in the correct slots. In the middle of the screen, there is a list that shows items that can be crafted with the items in the player's inventory. Items that can be crafted are shown first. If the player has some but not all ingredients to craft an item, those show up after those that can be crafted and are shaded. In each slot, there is a number denoting how many times the player can craft that item with the current materials.

The right side of the screen shows the grid with the items already placed for the selected item. Below the grid is the name of the item currently selected and a button used to craft, showing the quantity of the item given when crafted. If there isn't a sufficient amount of ingredients to craft an item, the missing ingredients appear shaded on the grid. When one taps on an ingredient within the grid, the name of that ingredient appears above the hotbar.The player has the option to use a crafting table to give him/her many more choices. When the player taps the crafting table, the MATTIS pops up with crafting options. To craft bricks, stone bricks, stone-based slabs, or stone-based stairs, the player needs to build a Stonecutter.