Cave Spider
Cave Spider
Vital statistics
Type Neutral
Health 16 (Heart x 8)
Attack Strength 2 (Heart
Spawn Abandoned Mineshafts
Drops String (0-2)

Cave Spiders are neutral mobs that will come in an upcoming feature.


Cave Spiders usually spawn in Abandoned Mineshafts. Despite the fact that they are neutral, due to the fact that Abandoned Mineshafts are dark, it will always be hostile. They attack by jumping on you, like normal Spiders.


Combat against cave spiders is difficult, as when they attack you, they also poison you. Also, due to abandoned mineshafts being very dark, they rarely spawn neutral. They are much smaller than regular spiders, which means they can fit inside half blocks (slabs). They can be defeated easily by using an iron sword, though stone may work as well. Players should carry milk buckets as well to cure their poison.


  • Creating cave spider farms are extremely difficult, due to the fact they can climb, their poison poses a threat to the player, they move faster, and fit in very small spaces.
  • Cave spider poison and other effects can be cured by drinking bucket of milk. However, their poison will not kill the player, it will only bring them down to half a heart of health.